I Am! I Will!

I Am! I Will!

In the book of the Exodus, Chapter 5, Moses has just been confronted by the “officers of the children of Israel” with the claim that what Moses had said and done with Pharaoh had made the people offensive to Pharaoh. Moses then went to the Lord and asked why the Lord had sent him, and complained that Pharaoh had been doing evil to the people and that God had not delivered His people “at all.” A couple of chapters back, Moses had been crying that he wasn’t the right one to go before Pharaoh and lead the people, and now he was saying, “See. I told you so.”

Then the Lord made a series of statements to Moses which were designed to say, “Yes, I know. YOU are afraid of both the people and of Pharaoh, and yes, I know, YOU are not able to do this work like YOU think YOU should be able to. However, let ME now tell you where the real power is.” And then He proceeds to remind Moses of a few lessons Moses should have remembered from earlier.

The Lord says: “I WILL DO to Pharaoh…and he will let the people go.” “I AM THE LORD.” “I HAVE established my covenant with the people.” “I HAVE HEARD the groaning of the people…” “I HAVE remembered my covenant.” “I AM THE LORD, and I WILL bring you out…and I WILL remove your bondage, and I WILL redeem you…” “I WILL bring you to me for my people, and I WILL be to you a God… and you will know that I AM the Lord your God.” “I WILL give you your land…and I WILL make it your inheritance.” “I AM THE LORD.”

He doesn’t say anything about Moses having to make things happen. He just says, “I AM. I WILL.” There are other places in the Scripture where the Lord says these things, having to remind His people, and ministers, that HE, not they, will do the work. They just need to put their feet to the road and open their mouths to say what the Lord has directed them, and HE will do the work. HE will make it happen.

Although in Exodus the Lord was talking to Moses and the children of Israel, the same message carries forward to us today. He wants us to remember that He has appointed us to be His people and His ministers, and wants us to go out and do His will and work. And when we face the intense, and increasing, obstacles of the secular world – when we are ready to quit and run from fear and tiredness – He wants us to remember that HE will make it happen.

As tough as life may get for us in trying to live His way and trying to serve Him, He wants us to just step out in faith and remember that HE will do the work. HE knows us, our fears and our needs. HE hears us. HE IS. HE WILL.

“I am with you always, even unto the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20